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Are you watching The Bachelorette?

Are you still watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette? Or maybe you gave up on it when Juan Pablo slut shamed Claire Crawley, a contestant on his season. Or when Nick Viall slut-shamed Andi Dorfman, the then Bachelorette, and the franchise later made him The Bachelor. Or when the producers cast a contestant with a racist and sexist social media history on the season featuring the first black Bachelorette. Or when a sexual misconduct scandal on the set of Bachelor in Paradise called into question the safety precautions taken by producers on set. Or when it came to light that there is a bigot on the current season, which features the first openly liberal Bachelorette. Or how about most recently when it a current contestant was convicted of indecent assault and battery for groping a woman aboard a cruise ship?

The Bachelorette - What Do We Do About Garrett?

Last week, news broke that Garrett Yrigoyen of The Bachelorette -- the recipient of the first impression rose, and likely winner of the season -- is  an Instagram bigot. He liked posts which are racist, sexist, transphobic, anti-immigrant, and accuse the Parkland students of being crisis actors. He apologized, and maybe he really is learning and growing. I’m all for formerly bigoted people learning, growing and becoming less hateful. More likely, however, is that he’s apologizing because ABC told him this was not behavior becoming of their front runner. They have to cover their asses. He has to cover his ass. He wouldn’t have “learned” or “grown” if he wasn’t on national TV. Becca then defended him: “Everyone is entitled to their opinions.” This is true. And, if your opinions are hateful, vile, racist and bigoted, we’re allowed to call you out for those opinions and those who enable them.

43 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Bachelor: Arie Episode 4

Twitter user extraordinaire and Bachelor Nation aficionado, @JillBidenVeep, recently tasked us all with deciding whether we’d rather have Arie or Nick Viall again and I had to lock myself in a dark, cold room and reflect on where we are as a Bachelor community. If we had Nick again would Sharky come back and would Rachel have another chance as the Bachelorette to do the right thing? Anyway, everything is the worst. 

47 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Bachelor: Arie Episode 1

I’m here. I’m back. I have started 2018 with a really positive and open mindset. I’m ready to meet and accept Arie with no judgment. Bring it on, Not To Catch A Predator Host (Chris Harrison, I want to say? I won’t learn.) I’ve lived through Nick Viall, Rachel picking Bryan over Peter and the entirety of Bachelor in Paradise. I’m older, wiser and drunker than when I started this journey a year ago. Nothing can shock me now. 

61 Thoughts I Had While Watching "The Bachelor" for the First Time - Episode 7

First off, I want to apologize for the lateness of this post.  I heard Rachel was going to be the next Bachelorette, and I was so happy I took a three-day joy nap.  When I woke up, I spent the next few days writing a polite but firm letter to ABC imploring them to “please deliver only their highest quality of man.  No Nicks need apply.”  Now that I’ve accomplished that, I feel ready to jump back in and watch the Corinne drama unfold while we wait for Nick to ultimately pick Vanessa.  Let’s dive in...