2017 Goals Update

Earlier this year, I shared my goals for 2017 (see original post, here). The hubs and I usually sit down over coffee or wine (depending on the time of day we can make time) and discuss what we hope to achieve this year. Rarely do we do check-ins throughout the year to see how our we are progressing, so I guess what is the point of the goals in the first place?! Personally, I like to look back and see what I was focused on achieving that year. Omg, back in 2008 I wanted a boob job. Good lord. Thank goodness I grew out of that phase! Since I put these goals out there for everyone to read, I thought I should do a check-in. So here goes…

Relationship / Romance / Family

  • Continue to be a loving, patient, fun, supportive wife / mother / family member / friend

    • I feel good about this one :)

  • Delivery Baby #2! & BF to 6 months

    • Done and Done! Grayson was born February 23 and I just surpassed 6 months of breastfeeding. Halleluja! I have my eye on a new purse if I make it to 12 months :)

  • Be a Present Mother

    • I kind of have no choice with this one, as Olivia has become pretty demanding of my time, I think she’s late to the jealous party of having a sibling...I need to carve out more time for just G and I to hang.

  • Start Liv’s BDay tradition

    • Still have some time for this one...

  • Research & register Liv for Preschool

    • She started a two-day part time program after Labor Day. We will start the application process for a montessori school later this year.



  • Lose Baby Weight & feel good about my body

    • So I started doing the BBG program in August and while some days feel a bit repetitious, I like that I can do it in our home gym, on the road or with the hubs. I feel stronger and know that once I do stop nursing, hopefully those few final lbs will drop.

  • Enjoy bike rides & city excursions

    • Omg this is SO fun! Literally Liv wakes up some weekend mornings asking to go to Target...not sure if that is a good or bad thing

  • Practice healthy habits

    • I tend to eat healthy as it is with the occasional donut and overindulgence in wine. We cook 3-4 meals per week via Hello Fresh. Check out my review here.


Adventure / Travel

  • We are nuts and while I was on maternity leave took family vacations to Laguna Beach, CA & Charleston, SC. I flew solo to Laguna with Gray at 8 weeks old. I know. I have totally lost my mind.

  • Sadly I don’t think we are going to make it to Oktoberfest; we don’t have the energy to address time zone changes with the kids sleep. I think we might settle for Bermuda instead ;)



  • Continue to be a Big Brothers Big Sisters Leadership Board Member

    • Needed to shed some responsibilities, I am now on Alumni Status

  • Continue the 3rd Annual Site Based Program at GGP

    • I will remain a “big” to my “little” for the third year in a row!

  • Donate to Paws, St. Ignatius - done!


Financial - Sad to say I have not even addressed either of these goals...

  • Document Living Will

  • Play around with the change I have in my Roth IRA to better learn about the stock market...in all my free time.


  • Check out the latest in my post HERE. Super excited with where we are today and to see the business continue to grow!



  • Be selfish with my time - AWESOMEly put by Jada Pinkett Smith in this Video.

  • Read 1 parenting book & 1 fun book per month by getting into bed (no TV) at 9pm -

  • Continue to write in Liv’s journal each night; start a new journal for baby boy

  • Weekly @home facials; monthly massages - ahhh, I can feel the relaxation overtake me now.

  • Be a better fur mama; take Rooney to the park on walks with the kids as the weather improves.