Ring Hero Update

Three friends and I created a product called RingHero - THE athletic accessory that keeps your rings safe. We had a successful Kickstarter campaign in November, which helped bring our idea to reality, funding our initial round of production. We officially launched RingHero in February of this year; going live on our website and shipping our successful Kickstarter campaign orders. We had a fun, late night packing party at my house to get 300+ orders out. Wow, seems like so long ago...as I was still pregnant and feels like so much has happened since then!

We took the feedback from those kind enough to fill out a post-receipt survey, tweaked a few things on the design aspect (smaller logo) and are in production on our second round of manufacturing. We have sold over 950 units so far this year!!

We added two new colors - Jet Black and Berry Pink - are currently pre-selling these as we still have a few more weeks left to wrap up manufacturing.

RH New Colors.JPG

Really focused on learning how to benefit from social media and Facebook ads. We are beyond relying on friends and family to drive our business and are proud to say random people across the globe are buying our product!!! We have shipped to U.K. (Omg their customs rules are beyond annoying to figure out!!), Netherlands (repeat customers!), Australia, Thailand, Canada and more!  If anyone reading this has any tips or referrals on how to inexpensively use social media and FB Ads to drive sales, we would love to talk to you!

We are in the process of selling in retail stores. A new and unchartered territory, our meetings tend to flow really well as we have such a passion and belief in RingHero. We believe getting our products on shelves is a great way to help spread the word that wearing your ring(s) while working out is unsafe and our product gives superior protection by providing visible security. Plus, contrary to popular belief, retail is not dying. I honestly wish the media would move onto another subject...

We are SO proud of our product-think the idea/concept resonates with people; love the way our website looks; and most importantly, still enjoy working together and have gotten into a nice groove where each of us has our "domains" or areas of expertise. We have found this necessary to delegate as there is a lot that goes into starting and running a business.  

RH Sketch.JPG

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