Dinner Time

On the cover of the September issue of Money magazine (yes, we still get paper copies. Yes, checking the mail might be my favorite thing.), there was a subject I was actually excited to read about: “Dinner in a Box. Tested: The Best Meal-Kit Service for Your Money.

If you haven’t gleaned by now, Jon and I are always on the hunt for things and ways to make life easier and more streamlined so we can spend as much quality time with our kids as possible. Dinner has always been a mixed activity - fun to cook together, look up interesting recipes; yet sometimes annoying to meal plan, carve out time to grocery shop.

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When we only had Liv to care for, we could both wait until she went to sleep to cook and eat together. Enjoy the process and mealtime, each other’s company and conversation. At least when she was less than 2 and would go to bed by 7pm. As miss procrastinator keeps delaying bedtime and the sun freaking sets at 7:45 “it’s not nighttime, it’s still daytime” - thanks summertime - and enter Grayson, I can’t wait until 8pm [for Jon] to start cooking.

We also got into a recipe rut. No matter how many interesting “meals in less than 30 minutes” posts I saw on pinterest, I just couldn’t get excited about eating dinner at home. Ugh. Boring.

Enter HelloFresh. Jon was pitched by a chick on the street and went for it. That was probably 9 months ago and we have ordered 3 dinners nearly every week. Selection hasbeen varied, portions decent, priced right, ease of ordering & cooking simple. I even cooked a few while on maternity leave, Grayson in the carrier and Liv on the counter helping to pull cilantro leaves off stems. Overall, we have been pretty happy. They could step up the red meat quality, but that hasn’t stopped us from re-upping every week.

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So this article in Money magazine compares the top 6 companies that offer meal delivery service (apparently there are over 100!). I was super bummed that HelloFresh got the worst score! Two of the cons listed were late delivery and poor customer service - something that we have never encountered in over 9 months! It just made me realize that you can’t always trust everything you read. Maybe I am bias because I like my new little habit, it has made life easier. Could there be a better, more organic option out there? For sure, but right now, life is feeling good. We have enough upcoming decisions and research to take on that I’m going to check this box and move on. The best double jogger? Preschool? Fall vacation locale? Home security system?

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How do other dual working families do it??

PS I don’t even know how to get a post sponsored, nor do I think many folks care what I have to say, needless to say, this post is not sponsored :)