Sunday Scaries

I was doing my usual pre-bed scroll through instagram last night (Sunday) and noticed a lot of hashtags I guess I haven’t realized before “#sundayscaries”.  Is that a thing? I mean, I know most people have anxiety on Sunday nights, not wanting the weekend of fun and no work to end, only to be bombarded on the L and accosted with dozens of emails before you’ve had your morning coffee.

I rarely have this sentiment. I know, call me a saint, thank you very much. Or may be a weirdo?

I savor my weekends, try (really try) not to plan too much so we can just go with the flow - the opposite of how structured our week is. Like the Sunday of the Air & Water Show - the morning of we decided, post separate brunch plans, we would make a run at it and attempt to head to the beach to find a spot and watch the planes. TOTAL bust. I’m talking like everyone crying, screaming. Gray wouldn’t wear his headphones, Liv just wanted to get out of the stroller and run around and Jon ran into terrible traffic to come meet us. And me? Well, I was hangry and a hot, sweaty mess trying to exhibit patience.  #fail Our dear friend was kind enough to save us and invited us up to her parent’s condo with a beautiful, air conditioned view of the show. Total bonus that her son and Liv are similar in age and play pretty well together. When we decided to leave and head home, me with the double stroller (obsessed) and Jon walking his bike (traffic was so bad he hopped on his bike instead!), I thought, this is nice, a leisure stroll the 2 miles from beach to home, adult conversation. Until Liv decided she didn’t want to sit in the stroller anymore, but push the 33lbs without direction. No stopping her determination or strength, we just rolled with it. Two hours, one park stop, and 2 pee accidents later, we made it home. And Gray even took a quick catnap. Sometimes miracles really do happen.

Sunday scary air and water.JPG
Sunday scary air and water walking.JPG

I guess the point of this whole story was supposed to be about savoring the weekend and preparing for the week ahead. So how do I avoid the dreadful #sundayscaries? I guess I do what I do best, prepare. Remember, I love lists :)

  • Glance at my upcoming work week - travel, important meetings. Remind Jon of my travel days (that have already been shared with him in Outlook)

    • Review my work to-do list so I can hit the ground running on Monday

  • Check the weather - pick out my outfits according to the rain or heat. For me, the mornings of nursing Grayson, pumping, cleaning up after Liv’s towers she likes to make of my empty Kiehl’s jars, etc are too chaotic to try to assemble a cute outfit.

  • Add misc things to my personal to-do list - order the baby gift for a co-worker, get Grayson’s passport photo taken, etc.

  • Tidy up the kids bedrooms, our bedroom & bathroom and clear clutter from the kitchen island - it is like Christmas morning when the only thing on the island is a vase of flowers.

  • Veg out with the hubs and watch Game of Thrones & Ballers

  • Write in the kids journals

  • Lights out

I have been doing this same routine for years, takes me about 30 minutes and sets my mind and mood for the week. There certainly have been nights where my mind is racing, feeling like I didn’t accomplish anything over the weekend and am walking into craziness on Monday. In those situations, every last drop of wine helps.

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