Top 10 Things I am Thankful For - 2017

1.   My Husband - it has been a tough year; a roller coaster of hormones and emotions, adding a second kid to the mix (and we want more?!). Besides being an over-functioner, I am just a tad hyper critical of my partner (ok a lot). I have this need to have things done my way and I have no filter and no problem letting him know. After countless arguments and late nights, I am more self aware about this not so pretty trait. I am working on it. The #1 thing I am grateful for this year is a husband willing to help me better myself, being patient with me. Thanks, baby.


2.   Household Planner - you guys, I just downloaded this from Etsy and already feel myself being more organized.    Everything is in one place!

3.  Amazon Prime - yes, still a big user of this. One of my goals for 2018 is to do better about this; Amazon is not      really cheaper, the site is just so easy to use!

4.  Dick Wolf - for his creative genius, allowing me nights to zone out to Chicago PD, Fire, Med, Justice and Mendendez brothers (creepy, I know). Guy is on fire!!!

5.    My babies - they are so innocent with the world as their oyster, everything is new and fresh. Helps me keep that perspective as I sometimes get bogged down with this tug-of-war feeling. As I held Liv’s hand the other night, her comment to me “mama, you have long fingernails” helps me slow down and take note of the little things in life.

liv floor.jpeg
gray floor.jpeg

6.  To live this life - so much devastation and loss this year with the power of mother nature paired with going on 2 years without my dad. We should all feel so lucky to be alive; some days bruised and battered, others sunshine and rainbows. I like to think he is my guiding light, watching over us. Allowing us to stumble and fall but not to the detriment of anything really serious. Case in point (OK, about to share a really personal, mom horror story, please don’t judge) - in mid-September, the dresser in our master bedroom (a beautiful piece of furniture hand crafted by my dad), fell on Olivia. She opened all the drawers and it just toppled over on her, in the mere seconds she was alone while I put away a pair of pants in my closet. What could have done some serious damage, literally left her unscathed but for a small scrape on her back. Not even sure how that is possible when the thing takes two grown adults to lift up. I don’t even allow my mind to wander to the deep dark “what if” place. I just can’t. (and yes, everything in the kids room have been anchored since day 1 and after this episode we have anchored nearly everything we can). I realize I won’t be there every second of every day to protect her, and it’s part of her growing up. She’s already such a careful, trepidatious little girl. I think I’m a worry wort.

liv music.jpeg

7.  Aquafor - seems this is like the modern day version of the Greek’s Windex. Smear it all over Liv’s face and her endless “boo-boos”; my sunburnt lips from Bermuda (omg so painful!!), patch of dry skin. Seems like whenever there’s an ailment of some sort, the peds rec is always Aquafor.

8.  Cozy Fires & Smores - is there anything better than some crisp red wine (fave is Imagery - let’s support our Sonoma vineyards!), roasting smores and cuddling by the fire and watching a Dick Wolf produced drama?! I think not.

9.  Super comfy pj set from Eberjey. Worth every penny.

10.  My boobs - ha. For being able to continue to provide enough sustenance for little G. Some days I’m not sure why I kill myself to exclusively’s honestly top of mind 24/7 and I’ll be happy when I wean, if I make it to a year. But there is this feeling of self-pride I have in being able to do this - among working, traveling, gauntlet nights feeding/putting the kids to sleep (nights when I have to do this solo are particularly challenging), working out. Literally, my boobs are always being considered in the day’s schedule of events. It’s exhausting at times, but I am grateful for the quiet time with Grayson.

gray smile.jpeg

Happy Thanksgiving to all - may you find joy in your loved ones and the little things.