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Fighting Injustice: With Rabia Chaudry

In 2014, when Serial debuted, it would change many lives. Not only would the most popular podcast of all-time change the course of Adnan Syed’s legal path, but the show itself would bring podcasting into the mainstream media. One of the people who is both directly and indirectly responsible for all of it is Rabia Chaudry. Without Rabia presenting Adnan’s story to Sarah Koenig and the Serial team, none of it would’ve happened. Rabia has since launched her own podcasts, Undisclosed and The 45th. She’s a NY Times Best-selling author of Adnan’s Story. She continues to practice law, write, and bring the issues of immigrants and Muslims to the forefront of discussion.

Trans Visibility: With D’Jamel Young

In a decade, how does one go from being a teenager with little to no options for the future to being an invited guest of the White House? This is the story of D’Jamel Young. He’s a trans activist, model, and actor. He’s also a former military intelligence officer for the Army. As someone who’s learned from his mistakes and open about his experiences, he shares how he got to this place in his life which he describes as his best yet.