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Racism, Sexism, and Jar Jar Binks: With Ahmed Best (Part 2)

On this episode, Ahmed Best and I continue our discussion about Star Wars. We talk about how the backlash Ahmed experienced is both similar and different to what Loan Tran (originally known to audiences as Kelly Marie Tran) experienced with The Last Jedi. We also talk about how excited we are for Andrew Gillum’s campaign for Governor in Florida and how we believe displaced Puerto Ricans might save us all. We love our Puerto Rican sisters and brothers!

Trans Visibility: With D’Jamel Young

In a decade, how does one go from being a teenager with little to no options for the future to being an invited guest of the White House? This is the story of D’Jamel Young. He’s a trans activist, model, and actor. He’s also a former military intelligence officer for the Army. As someone who’s learned from his mistakes and open about his experiences, he shares how he got to this place in his life which he describes as his best yet.

Birthdays: With Wendi McLendon-Covey

Actor Wendi McLendon-Covey is all heart and 0 effs. This special mix is why she’s compelling as a person and a performer. She was about to abandon acting altogether when she booked the job (Reno 911) that would transform her career and life forever. She told me all about the joy of being in your 40s and gave me some great advice for my birthday.