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Athletes As Activists: With Liz Loza, Celeste Bell, Scout Bassett, and Dr. Jen Welter

One of my favorite parts of the United State Of Women Summit was attending the Athletes As Activists panel. It was organized by Dr. Kimberly Clay who created Play Like A Girl. It’s a wonderful organization that supports girls in both sports and STEM. Dr. Clay and I quickly bonded over our love for Mississippi since she’s from Batesville, and I went to Ole Miss a few miles down the road. The panel was informative, heartwarming, and filled me with determination to keep sports as a part of my daughter’s life where I had let them go in my own. Liz Loza of Yahoo Fantasy Sports (and previous Enthusiasm Enthusiast guest on Feminism And Football) was a wonderful moderator.

More Intuitive Eating: With Jessi Haggerty and Elyse Resch

I was introduced to Intuitive Eating through listening to The BodyLove Project with Jessi Haggerty. It’s been a formative influence on me, as it has been for so many others who listen to her show. I was honored when Jessi agreed to talk with me about her experience as a Registered Dietitian, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Certified Personal Trainer, and Health At Every Size practitioner. Jessi not only helps her clients understand and love their bodies, but she teaches personal trainers how to motivate their clients without focusing on weight, shame, and judgement. I think you’ll love hearing from her as much as I do. We share a love of dogs with people names and a love for shirts that say IDGAF ABOUT YOUR DIET SUSAN.

Fighting Injustice: With Rabia Chaudry

In 2014, when Serial debuted, it would change many lives. Not only would the most popular podcast of all-time change the course of Adnan Syed’s legal path, but the show itself would bring podcasting into the mainstream media. One of the people who is both directly and indirectly responsible for all of it is Rabia Chaudry. Without Rabia presenting Adnan’s story to Sarah Koenig and the Serial team, none of it would’ve happened. Rabia has since launched her own podcasts, Undisclosed and The 45th. She’s a NY Times Best-selling author of Adnan’s Story. She continues to practice law, write, and bring the issues of immigrants and Muslims to the forefront of discussion.

Dining For Women: With Beth Ellen Holimon & Nancy Stern

It started as a way to celebrate one woman’s birthday by supporting a charity. From that idea, Dining For Women blossomed into a non-profit organization with thousands of members nationwide.

Local chapters of friends get together to eat and learn about the needs of women and girls in international communities.

For member, Nancy Stern, it became much more. I spoke with her and President Beth Ellen Holimon about their experiences with DFW.

Micro Activism: With Joey Slamon

Joey Slamon is a lot of things. She’s a tv writer and producer (Arrested Development, Those Who Can’t, I’m Sorry). She’s a co-creator of the wildly successful live show Public School.

She’s the queen of Halloween. She’s one of my best friends. She’s a Syrian-American.

The recent Muslim ban and general climate toward refugees has both terrified and activated her. We got together to discuss our experiences at the Women’s March in L.A., what we’re doing to make good on the promises we made that day, and how we handle the stress of the current administration in VERY different ways.

Birthdays: With Wendi McLendon-Covey

Actor Wendi McLendon-Covey is all heart and 0 effs. This special mix is why she’s compelling as a person and a performer. She was about to abandon acting altogether when she booked the job (Reno 911) that would transform her career and life forever. She told me all about the joy of being in your 40s and gave me some great advice for my birthday.