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Authenticity As The Key To Success: With Jamie Grayson aka The Baby Guy NYC

You may know Jamie from the Martha Stewart Show, The Today Show, and as New York Magazine’s “Best Baby Gear Expert.” Not only is he a childless gay man leading conversations about breastfeeding and baby wearing, but he’s also built a rabid and devoted social media following of hundreds of thousands of people who tune in for his thoughts on cocktails and horror films. During our talk, he tells his coming out story, which really moved me. We also got into the theme of authenticity came up over and over as the stepping stones to his success. I’m so honored to be his friend and the first girl to buy his booze.

Surrogacy: With Erica Schroepfer

It never really occurred to me people would actively oppose surrogacy, but I guess that was naive given the incessant focus on controlling women’s bodies especially with regard to fertility, birth, abortion, etc. Part of the reason I wholeheartedly support surrogacy is my relationship with Erica Schroepfer, a friend of mine who has successfully birthed twins as their surrogate. In this episode, Erica tells me all about her experience carrying children who aren’t her own and how she’s doing it again for a different family.