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Surrogacy: With Erica Schroepfer

It never really occurred to me people would actively oppose surrogacy, but I guess that was naive given the incessant focus on controlling women’s bodies especially with regard to fertility, birth, abortion, etc. Part of the reason I wholeheartedly support surrogacy is my relationship with Erica Schroepfer, a friend of mine who has successfully birthed twins as their surrogate. In this episode, Erica tells me all about her experience carrying children who aren’t her own and how she’s doing it again for a different family.

Reproductive Rights with Ilyse Hogue

I am very guilty of overusing the word “awesome.” I attribute “awesome” to all kinds of things that are sometimes mediocre at best. But do you know what was TRULY AWESOME? What actually inspired awe in me? Ilyse Hogue’s speech at the DNC. It was historic, bold, and the most radical speech of either political convention this year. Ilyse is the President of NARAL Pro-Choice America and one of the leading voices on not just reproductive rights, but all civil rights for women. She shared with me her expertise on the Hyde Amendment and her personal experience with her own abortion.