SOTTA 4 - Find Your Voice

America tolerates cultural and religious differences, the right for a woman to choose how to govern her body, among several freedoms and liberties stated in our Constitution.  The idea of having a wall built to keep people from coming into the United States is at best comical.  Our country was founded on the idea of being a fusion of different nationalities, cultures and religions.  The United States should continue to welcome anyone who wants to work hard and pursue their idea of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


There was no way that this was more than a publicity stunt, a way for him to get back into the public’s consciousness just in time for the release of a new hotel or TV show. Instead, it is a few weeks away from Election Day and his name is on that ballot. I am guilty of consuming articles about the absurdity of this election as though it is my second job. It is truly a spectacle, in the worst possible way. Just as the GOP’s candidate hits a new low, and the bar sinks farther down, a new scandal is revealed. At first I tried to detox from the election’s constant online predominance, but it has become impossible to escape. I find myself alternating between exasperation, annoyance, and numbness.


She wants to see an end to racial profiling and mass incarceration. She is sickened by America’s love affair with the NRA and the ease with which domestic abusers and those with a history of violence can buy a gun. She sees campus sexual assault as an epidemic and believes survivors when they are brave enough to tell their stories. She dedicated her early adult life to helping low income Americans receive legal aid and putting an end to teens serving time in adult prisons.


My first time voting was in 2008.

I was lucky enough to be sworn into this civic duty during a time filled with Change and Hope, a year where at least one Black life mattered because a Black life took an oath to serve his, my, our country. And that still matters and it will always matter.

Eight years ago, I excitedly x-marked-the-spot of my ballot. 70,000+ bombs later, over predominantly Muslim countries, I regret my decision.