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Why I Am Still Watching Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy begins its 15th season tonight. I have been there from the beginning, and after 15 seasons, I will be once again enthusiastically tuning in. I get a lot of “You’re still watching that show!?!” Yes, and other people are too, because the network gave the show two more seasons and Ellen Pompeo a huge package to keep her as its star. The why am I still watching is more complicated.

Girls: A Complicated Growing Up

I have always had strong feelings towards Girls, but whether they are positive or negative depends entirely on the day.  My complicated feelings towards Lena Dunham are well documented, but I have stuck with it for six seasons of bad relationships, sexual mishaps and unapologetic nudity.  

Heben's and Tracy's America: Ten(ish) Women Whose America I am Proud to Live In

My first thought was, “I am so happy to be alive in Heben’s and Tracy’s America.” I am so grateful that I live at a time when I have the opportunity to watch women I admire create films, podcasts, articles, stories, and art that I find enormously inspirational.  Particularly given the current political landscape, I am grateful that I can surround myself – physically and virtually – with women who are freaking killing it.