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Annie Hall

Small portions. If only we could have Woody Allen in small portions instead of being force fed a rancid new meal every year.

Oh, "Annie Hall." A movie about a forty something white man going through a life crisis which he will describe to us using his relationships with a cavalcade of beautiful and insecure women. How exciting! How refreshing! Why is this movie called "Annie Hall"? It is less about Annie than it is about the lobsters. A more accurate title for this film would be "Alvy Singer" and an even more accurate title is "Woody Allen." Allen argues that this movie is not strictly autobiographical, yet Alvy has become the prototype for all his subsequent avatars in every future Woody Allen movie. These avatar slash stand-ins for Alvy slash Woody are generally neurotic, down-on-their-luck creative types who show no real creativity, and they're obsessed with at least one younger woman, who is conveniently and inexplicably drawn to him in turn.