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Reality TV and the Shaming of Women Who Love It

It’s a normal Monday. We go around, recounting our weekends, which for me, includes a detailed analysis of the season two dynamics in Vanderpump Rules, and how on Earth Jax Taylor is still allowed out in public. (He’s a public safety hazard, and he should be quarantined, but this is a subject for another essay.) And then it begins: “Ugh, how can you watch that mindless shit?”

33 Thoughts I Had While Watching "Real Housewives of Orange County" for the First Time - Episode 1

Turns out that turnabout is fair play when it comes to sisters watching reality TV. I made Allison watch "The Bachelor" and now she is making me watch "Real Housewives." Full disclosure: I saw one episode of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" approximately ten years ago*, and I religiously watched "Bethenny Ever After" so I have some very basic exposure to the Housewives world. Let’s jump in.