26 Thoughts I Had while Watching "The Real Housewives of Orange County" for the First Time - Episode 4

This post is part of a series. Read Carrie's thoughts for Episode 3 here.

This week we see all of the women together for the first time. There are some fantastically awkward moments. I feel like I am really starting to understand these ladies. 

1.    “Does it hurt so much to touch it?” Vicki says as she pokes at Tamra’s foot. 


2.    Vicki wants to know when Tamra can whoop it up again. See I told you last week – woo girls. Also ladies, that’s how we got in this situation in the first place. 

3.    Tamra would rather see a hot doctor in the OC than an emergency room doctor in Mexico. Casual racism much?

4.    Confession time: my doctor is super cute and I 100% blush when discussing doctor things with him, so I feel for Tamra and Vicki being bashful(ish) around the cute doctor. 


5.    Emily working out with her in-laws is the cutest. 

6.    As someone who has taken three bar exams, I have lots of thoughts about this conversation between Emily and her mother-in-law about Emily’s husband taking the bar exam. (A) Emily is absolutely right that her husband is going to have to motivate himself. You can’t force that shit. (B) The California bar exam – woof. I would never. Sorry, Al (my sis who super wants me to move to LA). (C) Emily and her husband seem to do pretty well for themselves. Why in the hell would you put yourself through a bar exam unless you needed to do so for your career?


7.    Vicki saying “I’m going to have respect” is interesting since so far she seems to be an iffy friend.

8.    The Crazy Rich Asians preview plays during every commercial break on the BravoTV app. This movie looks so fun. I have never seen the lead guy before but he is stupid attractive. 

9.    Kelly admits that she does a lot of bad stuff and asks for forgiveness. Like what?


10.  Shannon’s daughters seemed thrilled by this low calorie food. I understand that she’s trying to start a new business, but I don’t know where to start with telling your teenage daughters the calorie count of the meals you are feeding them. 

11.  Gina and her husband recently announced they are getting a divorce. Watching this knowing that, I feel for her. She seems to be making the best of a crummy situation. 


12.  Her mom wants her to move back to Long Island. Maybe a new iteration of this show? (There’s no RH of Long Island, yet? Right?)

13.  Why doesn’t Shannon like new people? 

14.  Shannon staying in law school to spite a fiancé who didn’t want to her to go to law school is truly fantastic. 


15.  These ladies just had to have a rye old fashioned explained to them. Ladies, spend a week with me. I’ll teach you how to live. 

16.  Newport is a little tough for Gina. Southern CA people, what’s the deal with Newport?

17.  I could write a whole separate essay on the food and body image issues on this show. But, I’ll spare you. 


18.  Kelly bringing up the Vicki situation in front of new people is savage. Is she put up to it by the producers or that is just how she rolls?

19.  Gina is not holding back. I see her and Vicki getting along super well.

20.  The other women when Kelly says her boyfriend is showing up to girl’s night dinner.


21.  Did Emily just describe Kelly’s boyfriend as a shitty condo on a dirt lot?


22.  Tamra describes this as the weirdest ending to a dinner ever. I could not agree more. What just happened? And who is this guy?

23.   This bar exam issue seems blown way out of proportion. 


24.  I think I’ve decided that Gina is my favorite fashion-wise. 

25.  Vicki is Regina George. 


26.  Gina is Cady Heron. But less naïve.