20 Thoughts I Had While Watching "The Real Housewives of Orange County" for the First Time - Episode 6

This post is part of a series. Read Carrie's take on Episode 5 here.

This week, we have a great debate about whether Emily’s husband is a stick in the mud. For those of us new to these ladies, we get some insight into Shannon’s spectacular disaster of a husband. We’re building up some good story lines for the rest of the season. Shall we?

1.     Shannon, ya look great! Seriously, that jean, heel, jacket combo is fabulous! I have a similar jacket. I assume it cost approximately $337 less than Shannon’s. Now, I am self-conscious about my jacket.

2.     This holistic specialist can take all the seats. If you say "wow" like that when someone takes off her shirt, then you shouldn’t call yourself a holistic specialist because you aren’t taking care to consider the mind, body and spirit.


3.     Vicki kind of strikes me as somebody who wants to be one of the guys and she may throw a girlfriend under the bus in the process. Again, I say this hesitantly because I know people stan hard for their favorite RHs.

4.     Vicki’s son looks like he’s 12, but then they show these flashbacks where he’s been 12 for a decade.

5.     Shannon’s husband sounds like a piece of work. No wonder she is struggling with her self-esteem.


6.     “He’s having a party in his house. Did he expect everyone to be quiet?” – Tamra speaking the GD truth about this Gina v. Emily’s husband situation.

7.     The women when Emily says Gina was very respectful and wants to apologize to Emily’s husband.



8.     Are these Ubers or do these women all have drivers?

9.     Gina is just having a conversation with Tamra while her kid flips over the couch in front of her. I hope to one day adopt Gina’s parenting style.

10.  I feel like we (I am obviously one of the ladies) are all united in our support for Gina in this Emily’s husband minor drama.

11.  “I like to be naked, and I want to have a cocktail.” – Vicki Gunvalson


12.  They just ordered Hot Toddys while sitting at an oceanfront restaurant


13.  “Who signs up for a dating service?” Um, most millennials. It’s called online dating. But, I do get that Shannon has not done this in awhile so this is probably overwhelming.

14.  Kelly says that if she ordered a husband for Shannon, he would be tall, dark, handsome, good in bed, rich, and loves her and is good to her. Is there someone for whom this list would not work?


15.  I appreciate that Kelly does not name her various dates. My girlfriends and I always give guys nick names until we know they will be around for a while.

16.  Wait, you bleed when you get your eyebrows microbladed? This is important information.

17.  The Milkman talking about Mexican food.


18.  Shannon’s Mom telling her to have her lawyer walk her to the car after court is the most Mom thing.

19.  “We settled on $22,500/month because that’s what I need.” So sure raising three kids in Orange County can’t be cheap. But, need?

20.  I am happy that Shannon’s lousy husband is pissed though.