22 Thoughts I Had While Watching "Real Housewives of Orange County" for the First Time - Episode 8

This post is part of a series. See Carrie’s thoughts on Episode 7 here.

I’ve gotten behind on the trials and tribulations of the OC women. I apologize – I had to travel to LA to visit Disneyland and hangout with Beyonce and Jay-Z. I lead a rough life. Much like the women of the OC. Last we left them, they were fighting over whether Shannon had insinuated that Emily’s husband is abusive. Gina and Emily had made amends. Shannon and Tamra were fighting for the first time since I started watching this show. Let’s jump back in, shall we?

1.     Emily saying she makes more money than her husband is one of my favorite moments. Not necessarily evidence that he is not abusive, but badass nonetheless.


2.     I am glad we are playing back the video of Tamra commenting on Emily’s husband because now she is all “oh I am totally on Emily’s side. I love Emily. Don’t come for her husband.” When last week she was all “it makes you wonder what kind of husband he is.” Tam, I’ve been on your team for most of this season and I am really starting to question my choices because you, fickle honey.

3.     “I’m just going to eat my cake and pretend everything is okay because it’s my birthday.” – Vicki. Put this on a t-shirt. I will pay $100.

4.     “I’m scootering under the influence.” – Tamra. I lied this is the t-shirt.

5.     “So you’re blowing him and fucking him. You’ve got to marry him.” Wait. Says who? This is not a rule. I am a lawyer.


6.     Steve looks like a deer in the headlights every time Vicki brings up marriage. I am sure its just great editing. But woof is this awkward.

7.     If Tamra says “fuck” in the context of discussing Steve one more time, I am going to rip my ears off.


8.     Eddie just made me laugh. I am not sure if I am okay with this. But, the look on Tamra’s face when Eddie said that Shannon should be mad at her for the shirt and then Tamra’s son said it looked like a crayon box from the 70s. I mean, comedy gold.

9.     I am unexpectedly charmed by Vicki taking a liking to Gina because of Vicki’s maternal instinct.

10.  I also appreciate that Vicki recognizes that it isn’t fair that Gina’s husband is MIA all the time.

11.  I just can’t decide how I feel about Emily’s husband.


12.  Kelly saying vulva to an unassuming barista is my jam.

13.  Kelly’s eyebrows are also my jam.

14.  I love that the producers always come with receipts. Tamra: I have never told Shannon how I feel. Producers: Roll Tape!

15.  I like that this show is demonstrating that friendships have ups and downs, and the make-up conversation between Shannon and Tamra was so mature and real. But, on the other hand, as far as good television goes


16.  This party looks bomb. Love the color theme. Love the gorgeous pool.

17.  Gina responding “Its Shane. Its fucking Shane.” when Shane introduced himself to her just solidified my un-ending love for Gina.

18.  Who’s this chach in a grey suit at a red party?


19.  Wait. Wait. Wait. Kelly called Vicki a pig on Twitter, and the storyline is that Kelly called Steve a douchebag. I feel like we are burying the lede.

20.  Everyone needs a friend like Kelly who will fight crappy men for you and tell you how it is. And everyone needs a friend like Shannon who will teach you how to fight crappy men in a constructive way.

21.  Producers once again with the receipts. Kelly: I didn’t know that was your husband. I’ve never met him. Producers: Roll Tape!


22.  Do the other people that come to these parties come expecting a fight?