18 Thoughts I Had Watching "Real Housewives of Orange County" for the First Time - Episode 9

This post is part of a series. See Carrie’s thoughts on on Episode 8 here.

I started Dallas and let me tell you, those ladies know how to entertain me. They’re Southern. There is old money. There is new money. Their feelings about each other change faster than you can say “Dallas.” It’s great. Look, I’ve learned to love the OC ladies, but I think my heart may be in Dallas. But, let’s see what the OC ladies are up to, especially since Emily may actually kill Kelly.

1.     Tamra walking back into the party after the Emily & Kelly explosion


2.     “She’s the dude and he’s the little bitch.” Kelly, I generally really like you and I get why you are pissed but can we not with the heteronormative gender roles bullshit.


3.     Tamra’s hair looks great. Extensions, right? Or am I just not using the right volumizing spray?

4.     Again, I am so on the fence about Shane. I still think the Gina thing was weird. But, he is absolutely right to encourage Emily to calm down and let this situation roll off her back. I appreciate how calm he has stayed about this entire situation. He’s like the anti-housewives husband. Its refreshing.

5.     Shane: You don’t have to hang out with her. Emily: It’s not that simple. Me: Yea, Shane they are contractually obligated to hang out together.


6.     Confession: I am Shane in this situation and my husband is Emily. He would run into the Kelly fight while making me hold his earrings. I meanwhile would be pissed and confused as to why we all didn’t just walk away. Dear Andy Cohen, when you make a Real Househusbands of Cincinnati, please cast my husband. Love, Carrie

7.     In other news, I need someone to gif Shane saying “yuck” to Kelly.  

8.      Kelly seems to go from 0 to 60 about stuff that is just not that big of deal. The stuff Steve said to Page Six seems fairly innocuous. This Page Six interview is boring. Just like Steve.


9.     Wait! Someone fill me in on the situation between Tamra and her daughter. Okay I took it to Google. I am mostly caught up now.


10.  Vicki saying she doesn’t have that much money.


11.  “He’s got a lot of cats.” is 100% something I would say about a friend’s blind date.

12.  Shannon doesn’t like Tom because he has cats and he cries. I am currently recovering from my face swelling up due to an allergic reaction to my sister’s cat, so I get it. The cries thing is a little too heteronormative for my taste.

13.  I feel like this show is just a cycle of fights and then meeting to discuss the fight.

14.  I am going to start taking a drink every time Vicki tells Steve she wants to get married. I’ll have a good buzz right in time for bed.


15.  Aw my heart is breaking for Gina. Honestly. I really like her and this cannot be easy, especially when she is this far away from her mom. Ugh, marriage is wonderful and weird and complicated and I just really feel for her.

16.  Yes to showing therapy as a totally normal!

17.  Look, I appreciate that Vicki, Tamra and Shannon are older than Gina and have all been through divorce. But, it does not seem like Gina and her husband came to this divorce decision lightly so they need to just accept that this is her decision and be supportive and loving.

18.  Wait, now Shannon doesn’t like Gina. I obviously don’t know about other seasons or versions of this show, but this season seems to be these short-lived feuds that last all of 30 seconds and then we move on to a new issue. There are no good, long-standing storylines or adventures.