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Things I found out the hard way in 2016

Things I found out the hard way in 2016

1.        There is such a thing as an $80 haircut and I can't afford said $80 haircut. 

2.        The importance of Frame of reference. Thanks invisibilia. 

3.        I don't like Jennifer Lawrence. 

4.        "The minimalists" on Netflix are two white guys who got rich young, decided they didn't want to be rich, gave up that "lifestyle" and now tell people who haven't had more than enough to get rid of stuff they never had. True heroes. 

5.        The lyrics to that one part in Helpless from Hamilton are not "I'M ALL LIKE...it's better every letter that you write me"

6.        Recipes are not just guidelines, regardless of my personal opinion.

7.        I can't be a walking human encyclopedia but I still try.

8.        I can write my name first, then my partner's #patriarchalunspokenrules

9.        Things that make old white men laugh#bored

10.    I can't watch Celia, drink mate, and speak English at the same time. 

11.    Part of American culture is lying, being lied to, knowing that both are happening and being cool with it. Whatishappening...

12.    Poor people don't have time for investments #thanksatlanta

What now?

What now?

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