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I do not like to wait.

Tired and impatient, I shuffle from foot to foot, craning my neck to see what the holdup could possibly be.  I’m in line at Target at 9 pm on a Sunday.  This is apparently not Target’s Happy Hour.  I neglected to get a cart, and (as always happens in Target) have about five more items than I planned or needed.  I shift them in my arms, hoping to maintain the pile’s balance.  Thankfully, a cashier appears and opens another register.  The family ahead of me defects to her lane; I follow.

And that’s when I notice them, and finally pay attention to the very specific items in their overflowing cart. 

I Will Keep You Safe

In the training we received during our adoption process, and in current “big” conversations about adoption, open adoption is touted as being most emotionally healthy for the child – and I fully agree.  In theory.  Open adoption puts the child first… except when it doesn’t.