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“When Someone Shows You Who They Are, Believe Them”: 2016 in Review

Halfway through this shitshow of a year where we elected a racist president, lost countless beloved celebrities, and are preparing to bid adieu to the GREATEST FIRST FAMILY OF ALL TIME, I also personally went through a breakup.

Along that same vein, I also approached a semi-breakdown. I was 27 and unexpectedly single.


Over the next 3 months I went on 17 first dates (yes I kept a detailed list).

I’d say about a third of the dates lead to a second. And about 3 lead to more than that.

Yes, part of me felt like I needed to sow my wild oats. But more so, I just wanted to see what was out there. I’d been in a relationship for 3 years, and dating again somehow felt like this marvelous, magical new land. The game has changed (whether we like it or not).