Athletes As Activists: With Liz Loza, Celeste Bell, Scout Bassett, and Dr. Jen Welter

Dr. Kimberly Clay, Liz Loza, and Katie Ward

Dr. Kimberly Clay, Liz Loza, and Katie Ward

The panel featured some amazing women, and I’m honored they let me share it with you. You’ll hear powerful stories from:

Celeste Bell – MLB recruiter and 1st woman in the world to complete 8 marathons on 8 continents in 8 days @bellasbucket

Scout Bassett – Track & Field Paralympian, Nike Athlete @scoutbassett

Dr. Jen Welter – NFL’s first female coach, author of Play Big @jwelter47

Liz Loza – Yahoo Sports analyst and cast member of Fantasy Football Live @lizloza_ff

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One of my favorite parts of the United State Of Women Summit was attending the Athletes As Activists panel. It was organized by Dr. Kimberly Clay who created Play Like A Girl. It’s a wonderful organization that supports girls in both sports and STEM. Dr. Clay and I quickly bonded over our love for Mississippi since she’s from Batesville, and I went to Ole Miss a few miles down the road. The panel was informative, heartwarming, and filled me with determination to keep sports as a part of my daughter’s life where I had let them go in my own. Liz Loza of Yahoo Fantasy Sports (and previous Enthusiasm Enthusiast guest on Feminism And Football) was a wonderful moderator.