Moms & Weed: With Kim Griffin (Women & Weed Series Part 1)

Is weed the new “wine” for moms? As cannabis products become widely legally available across the U.S., women are finding themselves exploring everything from edibles to vapes to sublingual sprays.

Katie Ward & Kim Griffin on The Enthusiasm Enthusiast podcast

Katie Ward & Kim Griffin on The Enthusiasm Enthusiast podcast

They’re using cannabis to address their physical and emotional well-being. Women are micro-dosing in lieu of using anti-depressants. They’re using CBD to treat pain. There are even suppositories to help women handle period cramps and sexual dysfunction. How do moms come out from the shadows to discuss their cannabis use when it has been the source of crime, shame, and judgement for their entire lives? How do moms raise their kids to understand responsible, legal use? I spoke with actor, teacher, mom, and cannabis user, Kim Griffin, about the role weed has played in her health and well-being. You should also check out this incredible article from our buddy Lindsey Hunter Lopez on the topic of Marjuanna For Moms.

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