Sex, Orgasms, & How Not To Pee Your Pants


In the 3rd and final episode in our women’s health series, Dr. Sherry answers your questions about the elusive G spot, the benefits of working with a primary care physician vs. an ob/gyn, pelvic floor exercises to help prevent incontinence, and the REAL DEAL with vaginal rejuvenation! The Mona Lisa isn’t just a painting in the Louvre. It is a laser that might improve sex, help juice up your vagina (especially if you’re a breast cancer survivor), and make your fear of sneezing in public a thing of the past.

Dr. Sherry talks about her discussion with the ladies of Desi Outsiders. I long for days gone by in listening to Making Obama.

We still have copies of She-Ology to give away, so contact me if you host a listening party. I want to get you this book! It covers all the things we couldn’t get to discuss in these episodes.

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