What We Can Learn From Charlottesville: With Summer Martin

On Saturday, an acquaintance of mine posted in a private Facebook group of which we’re both a part, that she was both angry and scared about the events in Charlottesville, VA. She’s an African-American woman in a group where the majority of the other women are white. The rest of the group told her we heard her, we support her, and we were scared by all of it too. But that didn’t feel good enough for me. I wanted to show her by more than words that I care for her family and all of those families being targeted by hate groups in America. So, I organized a vigil in town. In 4 hours, through the power of social media, we had about 100 people show up to the vigil. I was proud of the turn out, but I wanted to do more. I want to begin to heal the divide between white women and women of color, specifically black women of color. So, I invited Summer Martin of The Unconventional Woman Podcast to have a candid conversation with me about where white women have let her down and how we can help fix it. I’ve listened to Summer’s show, and I like how she is both strong and vulnerable. She’s also brutally honest, so I was thrilled when she said yes to talking with me about this tough topic.

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