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The 40 Year Old Virgin

A rom-com from the man’s perspective! Can it hold up? Is it still a good movie even if it doesn’t? Does Seth Rogen have the most iconic glow up of all time? We discuss these questions and more in the latest episode of Hold Up! Take a listen, tell us your thoughts, rate, review, subscribe!


We found a rom-com Allison hasn’t seen! We miss Eva Mendes, praise Will Smith’s constant likability, and get lost in conversations about the Knowles-Lawson family dynamics and Roxane Gay. It’s a real trip. Take a listen, rate, review, subscribe and tell us what you think of Hitch!

13 Going On 30

Comedy Jennifer Garner! A romantic Hulk! Judy Greer!! We watched 13 Going on 30 and determined whether or not it holds up! We also went on a tangent about Beyonce. This will not be our last tangent about Beyonce. Rate, review and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Google Play.

A League of Their Own

In honor of Penny Marshall’s death on December 17, 2018, we re-watched A League of Their Own to see if it holds up. It turns out that Penny Marshall and her films were and are timeless gems. And, there is crying in baseball!

Love Actually

It’s Christmas time! Does Love Actually hold up to our intense scrutiny? How does this post-9/11 Christmas classic hold up? Well… love actually is all around, but only for this group of cishet white people.