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Fighting Fair

I am no saint. I tend to have a bite when I bark back. I’d like to think most of the time I listen, really listen, to the other side. Nod my head appropriately, ask questions, consider the other sides position and not try to cram my own agenda down their throat. Not cut them off before they’ve finished their point because I already know what they’re going to say. That really bothers people. It really bothers me.

The Guilt

I had lunch with a few fellow mom co-workers the other day. After some chit chat on schedules, sleep training, transition to “big girl bed” we got deep. One just said how guilty she feels being at work. She just openly said it. Not fearful that it might get back to her boss, or of any repercussions of it getting out within the office. I don’t know why I feel this is taboo to talk about. 

Halloween 2017 Recap

I love Halloween. I actually love this time of year. Fall brings some of my faves- crisp air, PSL, fires at night. And All. The. Holidays. Between now and February, we celebrate a lot. In order- Halloween, my birthday (34 this year - ah!), our anniversary, Thanksgiving, Liv’s birthday, Christmas, New Years, Jon’s Birthday, Valentines Day (yes, we celebrate all the Hallmark holidays in this house, no pressure hubs), Gray’s Birthday. It's like the gauntlet of birthdays. Maybe our next kid will get lucky and have a summer bday?