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Traveling with a Baby/Toddler Part 1: Logistics

I have been asked by a few friends for travel info as they start on this exciting journey with their babes, so I thought I would share an in depth post (warning, it’s a looooong one!) about what has worked for us with Liv. Someone please tell me it’s doable with two kids under two? We are headed to SoCal end of April & Charleston end of May!

Day 8

The first time I am sitting down to write G is 8 weeks old. Wow. I can’t believe it. I’ll dive into the details of the first eight weeks of his life in another post. This one here, is about the first eight days of his life. Days that were excruciatingly long and ones that I didn’t know if I would survive. Of course I am being a bit dramatic but holy shit.

Preparing for Baby #2

As of writing this post, I am officially 36 weeks pregnant. Feels like I am 41 weeks and due any minute.  A woman at work whom I don’t know, actually said to me last week “I saw you walking down the hall and it really looks as if you are ready pop.” Jeez, thanks. The waddle is in full effect.