Living with a Threenager


The struggle is real. Liv is officially a Threenager having turned 3 on December 24th. Lord help us. She has been having sharing issues with Grayson for a while, and this topic actually was discussed at her first parent teacher conference (yes, that exists even for a 2 year old attending a 2-day / week half-day program). She was actually bit by a student because she took said kid’s toy away during clean up time. Can’t blame the kid, I might have done the same thing.


We could have it so much worse, like my fears of having something seriously wrong with her could be true. If right now, my struggle is to spend an extra few minutes working with her to share, then so be it. Exhausting at times, and sometimes I can’t physically do it.  But to really get down on her level, and talk with her, about her frustrations, that is where we are seeing the real breakthrough. When she snatches a toy and we yell back “Liv, no! That’s Graysons” it just makes the whole situation worse. Cue power struggle. And who do you think is going to win that one? #notme

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I’m curious to see how her brain will continue to explode; she is a master manipulator, arguer and I haven’t even had my morning cup of joe. It’s awesome to see, sometimes making me laugh so hard I have tears. I wonder if she’ll be a lawyer, an expert negotiator, or a zookeeper. When asked what she wants to be when she grows up she says “a lion.”  #metoogirlfriend


This is a great article that provides some insight into her growing mind.

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Wonder what you think...and how you have survived this time. I’ve been told age Four is amazing...things to look forward to!