2018 Goals


Each year Jon and I sit down and discuss our individual goals and the things we want to accomplish together as a family. I’m sharing mine for 2018 below. I typically organize these by various life pillars. This has been a weird year, where I feel like I achieved a lot, but yet my mental energy seemed low and I was really anxious and controlling. I’m not sure if this has to do with a feeling, like, if I just keep everything together all time, nothing bad will happen, or hormones, or a combo of both.  I think this stems from the unexpected loss of my dad in July 2015. Remember that scene in the Kate Hudson flick, Bride Wars, where she finally cries and comes to this same realization? Yeah. It’s kinda like that for me. Only I have no problem crying ;)

This year I am really focusing on the intangible, mind-body connection. Besides feeling like we have a lot (of crap), I feel settled, organized, and comfortable. Comfortable in my own skin, confident in my decisions. It only took 34 years...

Relationship / Family

  • Be less critical / high strung / controlling

    • By: being aware of my emotions, surroundings. Practicing empathy; expect less; do not strive for perfection. All. the. Time.

  • Be present / kind / silly

    • By: putting my phone down with the kids; continue my amazing rap and dance skills

  • Nurse G to 12 months (and get these for all my hard work!)

  • Try for baby #3. While it certainly has its challenges, I like having our kids close-ish in age and envision this getting easier as they can wipe their own butts #dreams



  • Be mindful

    • By practicing meditation; deep breathing; stretching. I’ve heard the Calm app is pretty good; in the past we have used headspace.

  • Get back on the BBG wagon 3/week

  • Enjoy bike rides & double stroller jogs


  • Park City - Feb

  • Scottsdale - May

  • Europe - Oct

  • Disney?? - for Liv’s 4th Bday??


  • Continue to be BIG in the GGP Site Based Program

    • Alumni status within BBBS LB

  • Donate to Paws, Ignatius, BBBS; various friends charities/requests

  • Monthly service projects with Liv - where do I find these?

  • Practice empathy and education with the kids


  • Be efficient and smart in spending

    • By: setting up auto bill pay; post household shopping list in public place

  • Continue to work with our financial planner on a quarterly basis to assess our goals


  • Update my bookmarks so I am following relevant news - world, pop culture, work/industry, parenting sites. Obsessed with Flipboard.

  • Weekly relaxation “me” time - quiet book, @ home facial, massage, bubble bath (love LUSH bath bombs!)

  • Read More

Last, but not least, is to Go easy on myself, have fun, be kind. Let’s celebrate all that we are and all that we have.

What are your goals this year?



PS - not included are anything business/RingHero related as that is a totally separate/long subject ;)