Sometimes I have this overwhelming feeling of being helpless. And I’m not even talking about with my kids. Moreso, the world. #goingdeep

Cue that tearjerker video that keeps popping up on my newsfeed with the starving polar bear. Like, omg. I can’t even watch it. Maybe the nursing hormones or the fact that I have a heart, but I sob every time.

I see things like that, hear about the crazy political mess in Alabama, and Matt Lauer showing his ding-a-ling to some poor girl. Omg that one rocked my world. Not Matt Lauer!!?! What is wrong with people?!

I want to help; I just don’t know how. Some days I can’t find the time / energy / money to solve my own problems, how can I, one, single individual help the world?

If any of my friends take part in a non-profit and seek out donations, I contribute. I donate funds to my ear marked charities that I have loved for years (Big Brothers Big Sisters and Paws). I volunteer through BBBS (and have done so for the past 8 years; even chairing their annual gala for 3 years in a row - that’s like planning a wedding / full time job!). I do service days periodically throughout the year through my company. The hubs and I ensure Olivia volunteers as well, brightening kids days at Ronald McDonald House and helping at a local soup kitchen on the North side through Jon’s company. We had her clean out her toys and give some away...which she ended up putting in a pile “these are for Gray Gray to play with when he’s older.” Don’t worry, they’ve made their way to another loving home. I have a constant pile of things we don’t need/use anymore that moves all over the house, eventually making its way to Salvation Army.


I grew up not knowing any different - we would visit the elderly on Thanksgiving delivering meals, I volunteered in a hospital in highschool on a bi-weekly basis. I thought service was part of life. And that is what we want to instill in our children. However, I feel like it can go deeper than that.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing enough to ensure this world is left in a better place for my children and future generations. Like do we really need a second car? All that gas and pollution? Don’t even get me started on my carbon footprint. I recycle...but sometimes don’t and feel a pain of guilt when I throw plastic the trash. Was it a #5 or #1? Which one is recyclable? Uh, I give up. I think I’m a bit neurotic. OK, a lot neurotic. The chemicals in the food we eat wreak havoc not only on our insides but the earth. Our precious earth.  


How can I help that poor polar bear that is going to die because of Global Warming? I get frustrated and sick of just “throwing money in the pot” but honestly feel super stretched in my daily grind and not sure what else I can do but write a check sometimes. Am I supposed to fly to Canada, break the law and feed the poor guy? Sounds right up my alley. #not  


I’m being a bit over dramatic here, however, any advice on how you help others in need? Perhaps I’m overthinking it, perhaps it's more about how comfortable I feel in the choices I make on a daily basis. Clearly I need to get a bit more comfy...