Shopping Inefficiencies - Update

shopping liv grocery store.jpg

So, my original post, HERE, was titled “Spending Inefficiencies.” I would like to recant that title as I don’t think I have a spending problem, per say, but a shopping one. :)

My goal was to compile a list of things I need/want to purchase and do it on a weekly basis, rather than ad hoc. Well, enter Grayson in late February and that goal was literally blown up. I kid you not, I placed THREE individual orders on Amazon one day. I just couldn’t wait. I needed that new bouncer / bottle upgrade / insert baby item here NOW. I swear if my CEO ever found this out I would be fired [jk, but I try my hardest to make conscious decisions to shop stores rather than online]. And the next day, I would go to Target as I missed that we were out of nighttime diapers for Liv on said Amazon order(s). And the day after that I would place an order with my cousin at Neiman’s for my face scrub. And on the weekend I would walk leisurely along Southport and pop into the array of boutiques, for what? Oh nothing in particular. OK. Maybe I do have a bit of a spending problem… :)

We recently celebrated Grayson turning 5 months old. I have been back at work for 8 weeks and I feel like our little unit is getting into a pretty good groove. So, I resume that temporarily shattered goal of shopping more efficiently. Jon and I are still trying to figure out the best way to spend less time doing things/chores/errands and more time playing with our kids. I think this goal of shopping more efficiently would help allow for more free time to swing in the hammock that we recently installed or make playdoh necklaces with Liv.

So, what is my plan of attack?

  1. Make lists.

    1. Have a running list of housewares we need to purchase. Amazon or Target in-store order Sunday night. Guys, shopping in store at Target is way more fun than getting a crazy amount of packages delivered. #amiright Pick up said Target order Monday on way home from work.

    2. Peruse pinterest and fashion blogs for fun fashion trends and add to Stylish Finds pinterest board - plan a shopping day every so often or order from Nordstrom (hello free shipping!!! Plus, they are brick and mortar first!)

  2. Create a calendar notification for Instacart order (Sat. delivery; we usually order takeout or dine out with the kids on Friday night, sort of a treat yourself for getting through the week - not sure eating with kids counts as a treat, but hey, it’s quality family time!)

OK - so what am I missing? Will this make for a more enjoyable life? Who knows but I’ve got to try something to help with my scatter brain.