The Roonster

As life gets more and more hectic, our fur baby takes a back seat to most daily needs. Gone are the days where he would get twice daily walks, play fetch in the park and sleep in bed with us - except after he gets groomed. Omg, he smells so delicious and is so soft for days that I scoop him up and let him snooze away in our bed.

After a horrible incident that we are actually bound by a NDA not to speak of, we had a hard time finding a groomer who would work with his feisty personality. He really hates his paws getting touched. Enter our savior, Denise with City Groomers. I can’t recall how we found her, perhaps a crowdsourced request led the way, but she is a godsend.

We have been seeing Denise every couple of months for over 3 years and honestly cannot speak more highly of City Groomers! She is warm & bubbly, runs a great operation, and most importantly, is attentive to Rooney’s sensitive needs.

If you recall, one of my goals for 2017 was to spend more time with the Roonster, go for walks, get him the proper exercise he needs. Proud to say we took him to the park to play fetch last weekend. Yes. Only once. Baby steps. :)