One thing I can always count on Friday mornings when my mom comes to watch the kids are newspaper articles. She has a knack of always finding super relevant stories. Sometimes it’s overwhelming for my OCD tendencies to see newspapers spread out all over my clean counter (remember, I love the crispness and organization of nothing on my island, I find this area a tranquil sea amidst the chaos of life). Call me old fashioned, but I love newspapers and magazines.

This Chicago Tribune article about singing to your kids, struck a chord (you like that one?)

“It’s so crucial during those very early years that we sing, read and speak to them with love and compassion”

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One thing Jon and I pride ourselves on is we started reading to Liv at a very early age, around 9 months, incorporating it into her daily life. When she would wake up earlier than I wanted her to, Jon would sit in her room and read to her for a few minutes before she demanded milk, cue mom. We have started to read to Gray a bit before bed as well. And his reading is a natural byproduct of us reading to Liv. Aiming for a consistent bedtime routine, 3 books before lights out.

We sing to both of them before bed, always ending with “you are my sunshine,” their cue it’s time for night-night and for our evening of alone time to begin, bring on the wine!

We also talk to them like normal kids; we have adopted the Whole Brain Child and Dr. Karp’s toddler-ese form of communication, literally getting down on their level to problem solve and talk to them. Exhausting at times, but it really is effective. Especially when I want to get out the door and she just.won’ any clothes for that matter. Girl loves to chill in her jammies all day. #likehermama

Look, we are not saints. Lord knows I have my moments where I loose my cool or snap at Liv not to pull toys out of Grayson’s hands or yank him across the kitchen floor. These are teachable moments, for both of us. We are excited about this journey we’re on, learning as we go.