Halloween 2017 Recap

I love Halloween. I actually love this time of year. Fall brings some of my faves- crisp air, PSL, fires at night. And All. The. Holidays. Between now and February, we celebrate a lot. In order- Halloween, my birthday (34 this year - ah!), our anniversary, Thanksgiving, Liv’s birthday, Christmas, New Years, Jon’s Birthday, Valentines Day (yes, we celebrate all the Hallmark holidays in this house, no pressure hubs), Gray’s Birthday. It's like the gauntlet of birthdays. Maybe our next kid will get lucky and have a summer bday?

Planning all these milestones takes a lot of effort, among wrapping up deals and budgeting at work. So normally one might get stressed. But I love to plan and take pride in my party planning skills and gift giving. I remember our birthday parties growing up, each year would have a theme. Some woman would come to the house, decorate the theme (I recall Luau) and coordinate games for the kids. I remember it being a lot of fun and my parents seemed to enjoy it, didn't show if they were stressed at all. I'd like this to be the experience in our house. So I plan ahead and outsource; create lists of gifts so when I'm touring a mall I am at the ready to pop into a retailer; create Pinterest boards of invites and decor; photog sesh in Sept to order xmas cards in a timely manner; arrange child care ahead of time for anni and NYE. Prepare the logistics as much as I can so I can sit back in the moment and be present. That's my plan, Stan. It's worked so far. That said, absence of my father creates an emotional void and going into this 3rd year without him I tend to have one or two freak outs at the dumbest things, not really admitting how hard life is without him here and being reminded as we celebrate these milestones he's not here. Ugh.


A few pics from Halloween: we went as Khaleesi, Jon Snow and our three little dragons. I am so in awe that my husband was not only game to dress up (he rocked that wig and man bun!) but got into character with an accent and waving the sword to aid in stopping traffic so we could cross the street. Had a few friends over before heading out to the neighborhood trick or treat party. It was beyond cold and windy, Gray was so over it 20 mins in and I'll never forget Liv’s little paw, patiently extended and her sweet voice “trick or treat,” so happy to get 5 pieces of candy before calling it quits. Back at home she proudly sat on her mini pile hoarding it from the dog and Gray's mobile, prying hands.

Life is full and I have never been happier.