Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Top Tips & Picks

I have fond memories of shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with my mom and sister twice a year for back-to-school clothes and summer outfits. We would drive to Oakbrook, get there before the doors opened and like a mad-dash a la supermarket sweep go bananas. To us, this was the biggest sale of the season! Remember, this was before shopping online was a thing #ifeelold

New Mom Survival Essentials

Yesterday we had a blast at a co-ed baby shower BBQ where the whole fam was invited! Such a fun crew and we are so excited to welcome another dude to this world! Rach and Dave are going to be amazing parents!

So I am never one to deter from registries, however, I do tend to give mom and baby a little something they might not know they need. Going from zero to one is the biggest life change I have ever experienced. You go from being totally selfish to constantly aware of the time and who needs to be where when. It’s exhausting and exhilarating at the same time #amiright ?

Fourth of July in Suburbia

This Fourth of July was one summer outing I was REALLY looking forward to. Fortunately we were invited back to Molly and Dave’s in the suburbs, after a debaucherous Sunday a month ago. Kids galore, food and bevvies a plenty, hilarious rafts (NO, we did not have. a penis one, get your head out of the gutter! We have children!!…but do they make those?!) and the best company around. I knew this holiday celebration would not disappoint.

Cubs Game Fun

Sunday we went to the Cubs game with dear friends. This is the second year in a row this crew was able to get their act together to make plans and go! It’s super fun since their two boys are about 6 months older than our two kids. Last year was a bit cold, Gray was 4 months old and to sum it up, the day was a blur and kind of a shit show. Fun, but holy hands on.

Scottsdale, Westin Kierland Travel Diary

Jon and I initially chose Scottsdale for our next family vacation as I was originally to attend a work conference in Las Vegas and I would fly to meet the fam afterwards (now it was his turn to travel solo with the two kids!!) This year my company paired down the attendees and I did not make the shortlist, but I had already booked the hotel! Small lesson learned to not always plow ahead with my to-do list, but it honestly could not have been a better forced decision.

Spending Hacks – Top 10 Money Saving Tricks

After our fun with the kids at The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, I spent some time last weekend looking at our finances. This is usually Jon’s domain, but we made an agreement that I would look at our expenses if he could spend that time working. So my role is to cut spending and his role is to bring in more bacon, and we should, by the logic of math, save more. I’m confident in Jon earning more, but would not bet on myself to lessen my spending. I mean, I just went to Paper Source for a few goodies for Liv’s teachers and $200 later. On paper. Honestly. I have a problem.

Summer Must Have’s for Fun in the Sun

Some days it feels like summer has finally arrived in Chicago (hello hot & humid!), and others are spent indoors because of the rain or cold, figuring out what to do with our crazy kids who need to burn some energy. It will be here to stay soon enough though! So bring on the beach, pool and rose!

Fighting Fair

I am no saint. I tend to have a bite when I bark back. I’d like to think most of the time I listen, really listen, to the other side. Nod my head appropriately, ask questions, consider the other sides position and not try to cram my own agenda down their throat. Not cut them off before they’ve finished their point because I already know what they’re going to say. That really bothers people. It really bothers me.

The Guilt

I had lunch with a few fellow mom co-workers the other day. After some chit chat on schedules, sleep training, transition to “big girl bed” we got deep. One just said how guilty she feels being at work. She just openly said it. Not fearful that it might get back to her boss, or of any repercussions of it getting out within the office. I don’t know why I feel this is taboo to talk about. 

My Breastfeeding Journey

I’M FREE!!!!!!!!!! I did it!!!!!!! I want to chronicle my journey on this hormonal roller coaster. Hopefully another mom can benefit from it, but if not, it’s a judge-free place I can look back at with pride. An immense amount of pride. And honestly judge-free; I do not begrudge anyone who makes one choice vs another, to each their own. Seriously.

Gray Is One

It’s hard to believe a year has passed; a year ago I was just a mom to one amazing, spirited toddler. Life seemed so...easy (with one child). It seemed to be balanced. I could be selfish with my time as my heart had only Olivia to care for.

February 23rd changed all of that. Enter Grayson.

Living with a Threenager

The struggle is real. Liv is officially a Threenager having turned 3 on December 24th. Lord help us. She has been having sharing issues with Grayson for a while, and this topic actually was discussed at her first parent teacher conference (yes, that exists even for a 2 year old attending a 2-day / week half-day program). She was actually bit by a student because she took said kid’s toy away during clean up time. Can’t blame the kid, I might have done the same thing.

To Be Less Critical

One of the big goals I have for 2018 is...drumroll please… to be less critical & controlling. Of course I’ll share a post with my pillars and the goals within those various categories, however, I really need some help


Sometimes I have this overwhelming feeling of being helpless. And I’m not even talking about with my kids. Moreso, the world. #goingdeep

Bermuda - October 2017

We did it again!!! Another family vacation in the books...and we are still married!

Guys, it is no easy task traveling with young kids, but I’ll be damned if I am going to let them cramp my style. Ha.

2018 Goals

Each year Jon and I sit down and discuss our individual goals and the things we want to accomplish together as a family. I’m sharing mine for 2018 below. I typically organize these by various life pillars. This has been a weird year, where I feel like I achieved a lot, but yet my mental energy seemed low and I was really anxious and controlling. I’m not sure if this has to do with a feeling, like, if I just keep everything together all time, nothing bad will happen, or hormones, or a combo of both.


One thing I can always count on Friday mornings when my mom comes to watch the kids are newspaper articles. She has a knack of always finding super relevant stories. Sometimes it’s overwhelming for my OCD tendencies to see newspapers spread out all over my clean counter (remember, I love the crispness and organization of nothing on my island, I find this area a tranquil sea amidst the chaos of life). Call me old fashioned, but I love newspapers and magazines.

Halloween 2017 Recap

I love Halloween. I actually love this time of year. Fall brings some of my faves- crisp air, PSL, fires at night. And All. The. Holidays. Between now and February, we celebrate a lot. In order- Halloween, my birthday (34 this year - ah!), our anniversary, Thanksgiving, Liv’s birthday, Christmas, New Years, Jon’s Birthday, Valentines Day (yes, we celebrate all the Hallmark holidays in this house, no pressure hubs), Gray’s Birthday. It's like the gauntlet of birthdays. Maybe our next kid will get lucky and have a summer bday?